Aztec Stud

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We don't mind if you offer a happy hacking home or a competition home. as long as our horses are loved, cared for and bring their owners joy, then they are not wasted. 




Aztec Ozomatli


DOB 26.08.16 bay leopard colt 


Sire: Currante VI Dam: Topspotted Taidie









Aztec Rociando


DOB 26.05.16 smokey black colt


Sire: Currante VI Dam: Aztec Shoshana


A rather stunning colt who is 3/4 Spanish & 1/4 Appaloosa. He has inherited his mother's Lp gene and has a sprinkling of white on his rump. He will probably colour out more as he grows so we'll post updated photos regularly.

Expected to make 15.3 and he is eligible for registration as both a partbred PRE with BAPSH and a partbred Appaloosa with BApS.





Aztec Jovana



DOB 26.05.16 buckskin Azteca filly










Aztec Tigre de Oro


DOB 02.07.15 buckskin PRE colt


Sire: Currante VI        Dam: Bahia XXXI




photo at just a couple of hours old (above)



A really stunning buckskin colt, expected to make around 15.2 & will be fully registered with BAPSH & ANCCE.







Aztec Indiana


DOB 01.07.15 black Azteca filly


Sire: Espiritu      Dam: Kernow Glass Star







Indie is a black Azteca filly with just a little white star. By our homebred stallion Espiritu & out of our gold champagne mare.

Expected to make 15 hands & will be reg?d with BAPSH as a partbred Spanish horse.







Aztec Eleodoro


DOB 17.06.15 buckskin PRE colt


Sire: Currante VI     Dam: Mariquita CR








A very tall colt (photos at just 24 hours old) that we expect to make around 15.3.

He will be fully registered with both BAPSH & ANCCE.

A simply stunning colt with an inquisitive nature and the lovely old bloodlines from both sire & dam.

He will be brought up in a herd environment with both parents and his siblings.





Aztec Luz Dorada



DOB 21.05.15 perlino PRE filly


Sire: Baturro PM      Dam: Quitadora II










A very rare opportunity to purchase a double dilute PRE here in the UK!

In fact she is only the second PRE to have been born here.

Luz Dorada means Golden Light, and we think this describes her very well.

She is expected to make 16 - 16.2

She has the superb Paco Marti bloodlines on both sides of her pedigree, along with the phenominal movement of her dam.

She will be fully registered with BAPSH & ANCCE

More photos will follow in due course


Please note: there is no grey gene in either parent!






Aztec Recorte


DOB 20.05.15 smokey grullo PRE colt


Sire: Currante VI        Dam: Mill Natillas



Photo at just 24 hours old



Photos at 2 weeks old




photo at 4 weeks



Recorte is a very athletic colt and expected to make around 15.3

His dna results are back and he has inherited his sire's cream gene, making him a rare smokey grullo.

A super ridden or valuable breeding prospect....

or both!

He will be fully registered with BAPSH & ANCCE





Aztec Unico


DOB 02.05.15 black nr leopard colt


Sire: Currante VI    Dam: Aztec Shoshana


a few hours old



at 2 weeks old





This fabulous colt is everything we had hoped for...and more besides. He is very sadly for sale, only due to us not having room at present to keep another entire. This is a rare opportunity to purchase a leopard spotted horse with such a high percentage of Spanish blood....almost 75%.

He is expected to make at least 15.3 and can be dual regsitered as a partbred Spanish horse with BAPSH & a partbred Appaloosa with BApS





Aztec Ebano


DOB 18.06.14 black PRE colt


Sire: Currante VI Dam: Mariquita CR











Ebano is a very classy black colt, with the most amazing, athletic movement and a super ground covering walk for one so young. Once again, a very tall colt that we expect to make 15.3/16 hands. Everyone is blown away with this fabulous boy, including us! The first two photos were taken at 3 days old and the last at 2.5 months.

His maternal grandsire & granddam were both champions in their own right, competing in various disciplines, and we have high hopes for Ebano too.



Fully registered PRE with BAPSH & ANCCE






Aztec Imperioso


DOB 21.05.14 dunskin PRE colt


Sire: Currante VI Dam: Mill Natillas









A very rare dunskin colt (buckskin + dun gene). Impy is a very tall foal and expected to make 15.3/16 hands.

Really stunning and correct colt with super old bloodlines.

He will be an extremely valuable stallion prospect, as well as a head turner in the show ring.


Fully registered PRE with BAPSH & ANCCE







Buy-back policy: The welfare of our homebred stock is our primary concern. We do of course hope that you have a long & happy relationship together, but should you, for whatever reason, no longer want to, or be in a position to keep your Aztec horse, we would ask you to let us have first refusal to buy back or re-home. What we don't want is for them to passed around from home to home and for us to lose track of them. They are too special for that!


If you own an Aztec horse that you did not purchase directly from us, please do get in touch as we love to hear where our offspring are and what they are doing!






"Whoever said money can't buy happiness didn't know where to buy a horse"