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Spanish Spotted Saddle Horse













Colour genetic researchers are of the opinion that the spotting gene of the Appaloosa and all other spotted breeds around the world, are traceable back to the Spanish horse.


Old paintings from many centuries ago clearly show Spanish horses in a wide variety of colours, including spotted.


The 18th C. English painter John Wooton painted many spotted horses including a leopard horse specifically titled "Lady  Conaway's Spanish  Jennet".





 We will never know just exactly what horses were brought to the New World, but early records are of a wide variety of colors and markings. Some of the color names used to describe Cortez's horses are almost assuredly describing spotted horses as well as routine white marks. This is evidence that white marks and at least some body spotting patterns appear early in the Colonial Spanish era. These patterns, and white marks in general, therefore strike me as very consistent with an Iberian origin."
D. Phillip Sponenberg, DVM, PhD




                                                                        Nicolaes Berchem (1620-1683) 
                                                                                      Landscape with Two Horses, oil on wood



We at Aztec Stud are aiming to recreate the spotted Spanish horse by crossing the Appaloosa back to it’s original roots. The results have been just stunning! We have produced some amazing Spanish partbreds with the benefit of a spotty coat pattern. They are proving to be extremely successful in the show ring and the competition arena alike.


A breeder’s dream – a horse with looks, temperament, striking coat pattern and the ability to compete in all disciplines!


We wish to point out that there is no grey gene in our Andaloosa breeding project. Appaloosas should not be put to greys because of the risk of the offspring’s colour fading (greying out). In fact all registered Appaloosa stallions have to be tested negative for grey before they can be licensed. It would be extremely disappointing for a buyer of a spotted foal to then see the spots gradually disappearing due to the greying gene.


We would also like to make it clear that the Appaloosa is a breed and not a colour, as is often thought.


Three people that have bought an Andaloosa from us, have returned to us to buy another, which says it all really!


 Our Andaloosas:


We are extremely pleased to have now bred a second generation spotted Andaloosa! He was born 02.05.15 and as yet is un-named. He is by Currante VI and out of Aztec Shoshana.













Aztecs Leopardo                                                                                          






 Gemma on Leo after a successful day

















Up until 2009 Leo was the only Andaloosa colt we produced (out of 9 offspring!). Interestingly, he is almost 16.1, so far bigger than both his parents. This photo was taken aged 5 and he has since gone on to successfully event. His owner describes his temperament as ‘simply amazing’.


He proves that this cross not only has the looks and temperament, but also the ability to perform. Leo's full brother Rocio (Ross) joined him in 2010. So now Gemma has the only two Aztec Andaloosa boys!






Aztecs Rocio (Dewdrop)


Ross is the only other boy from this cross, and is also owned by Gemma. He and his brother Leo are both 16 hands plus, which is quite surprising given their parents were 15.1 1/2 & 14.3! He's also quite differently marked to all of his siblings.

On a visit to see Gemma and her boys I had the chance to ride Ross...

























Aztecs Colorada (Colourful)





Colorada freshly broken and airs above the ground!

One of the few leopards produced and owned by Sue & Keiron of Silverbrooke Andalusians. 



Aztecs  Zafira (Sapphire)





 Zaffi turning her hoof to Cross Country for the very first time (2010)

















 Zaffi being just as successful in the showring for the first time (2009)















Zaffi has proved she can turn her hoof to just about anything, be it dressage or Le Trec....






But she really excels at jumping...









Zaffi also competed at BAPSH in 2013 and won the Partbred Performance Trophy







Aztecs Shoshana




A large extended blanket, enjoying a relaxing time with her sister Zaffi. We are very pleased to say Shoshana has now come back to us and has produced our second generation Andaloosas in 2011 & 2014. Below is her 2014 colt Aztec Festivo who now lives in Ireland with two of our other Aztec offspring. He may not have inherited his mother's spots, but he more than makes up for it with his super movement and personality!








Aztecs Acuarela (Watercolour painting)






The most unusual colouring, creating a lot of interest by Appaloosa geneticists.  Ella was partbred Champion at the British Appaloosa Society National Show as a yearling, and then Champion Partbred Mare at the British Assoc for the Purebred Spanish Horse Breed Show in 2013, under the extremely prestigous International Spanish judge Snr Ignazio Bravo (pictured with Caroline & Ella)




 As a yearling at the BApS National Show
















  At BAPSH 2013 at Hartpury, & Champion once again




















Caroline also owns Ella's full sister, Aztec Zafira.


Here she is in the snow in 2009 with her sister Ella. What fabulous girls!


























 Myself & Caroline riding at Hartpury with Ella & Zaffi




















A fabulous photo of Ella & Zaffi with Caroline's amazing Ibizan  hounds Snowlief Cut To The Chase (Flute) & Snowlief Ghost Rider (Tips)


This was made into a banner for the Ibizan Hound stand at Crufts 2014



















Aztecs Campanilla (Snowdrop)



She was born with a small blanket which gradually roaned out totally, and here she is at 8 years old and back home with us.












Aztecs Adriana

The only black based foal produced so far.

Aztecs Mantilla

Tia is yet another fabulous Andaloosa filly!  Tia is already shaping up to be a fantastic showing star and colouring out day by day. She lives in Ireland with her owner Mel and her other two Aztec offspring.





Practising her Spanish walk!










Aztecs Pintada (Graffiti)

Pinta was the last but one foal from this cross, and we were thrilled with this stunning leopard filly. She lives with Karen in Warwickshire. Interestingly, Karen is an artist and her last piece of work before coming to see Pinta was entitled 'Graffiti'!






















Aztecs Pecosa (Freckled)

Pecosa was the very last foal from Alder Pavlova, and another stunning leopard filly again. She lives with Sue and her other spotties in Suffolk.












             "A horse is like a violin. First it must be tuned, and when tuned, it must be accurately played"