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Quitadora II (EE AA CrCr)



    As a three year old in Spain













Sire: Virrey PM

Dam: Latina XXXIX


2015      Aztec Luz Dorada        perlino filly     by Baturro PM

2017      Aztec Imprevista         perlino filly     by Currante VI


Quitadora II is a rare perlino (double cream dilute) bred by Las Cadenas in Madrid in 2000. She was graded APTO in Spain in early 2014, gaining high marks for her exceptional movement.

She is by the Paco Marti stallion Virrey PM, (now exported to Nicaragua & by the most famous double dilute Spanish horse - Revoltoso XXIX) and her dam Latina XXXIX is by Clavijo, who I had the privilege to meet on my first visit to Las Cadenas last year. Latina is a granddaughter of the outstanding Bocado stallion Atlantico 1981 (by the great Revoltoso VIII).

She will always produce a buckskin when crossed with a bay, black or chestnut stallion.




 Estanquera A  (ee Crcr)








Sire: Claudio Vives

Dam: Perla XLII

 2017 Aztec Iconico cremello colt by Pomelo V

 2018 Naranjo chestnut colt by Pomelo V

 2019       Aztec Chillido         chestnut colt            by Pomelo V

2022 Silverbrooke Jubileo cremello colt  by Pomelo V

A 15.3 APTO palomino PRE mare bred by Ganaderia Antares SL in 2010.

Jointly owned by us & Sue Taylor of Silverbrooke Andalusians.

Sue and I imported 'Esta' in 2016 and we couldn't be more delighted with her. Not only is she very beautiful, but she has an amazingly kind temperament and loves attention.

Her sire, Claudio Vives, is one of only thirty stallions to be chosen by Alvaro Domecq Romero to appear in his book, Historical and Current Stallions of the Purebred Spanish Horse. Esta also appears in the list of his progeny. Both his parents are from the famous Paco Marti stud, who are well known for producing quality dilute horses.

Her dam's lines are Terry, Osborne, Military, Baones and Boloix, amongst others, and contain many famous horses of the breed.

She has already bred two foals in Spain and has produced a spectacular cremello colt for us in 2017.


Lucentina AMI

Sire: Torero Del Ponton

Dam: Filigrana AMI

2022 Aztec Principio chestnut colt  by Pomelo V

A 15.2 chestnut APTO PRE mare born in 2013

Jointly owned with Silverbrooke Andalusians.

A really super, quality and typey Spanish mare bought in late 2020. She has Calificado horses on both sides of her pedigree. Her sire is mainly Escalera and her dam is Yeguada Militar and Escalera. She is a very exciting addition to our breeding programme!



Sold Dec 2016



















Sire: Olimpico XVI

Dam: Organza II


2004 grey PRE mare (imported from Spain)


2009   Aztec Adelita                        grey (bay) filly          by Rumboso XLIII




Although pure Cartujano, Tuna was bred from both sides of her parents to produce dressage competing stock by her well known breeder Yeguada Aimaran. Her dam Organza II is by the multi-champion Calificado GP stallion Ingenioso XX




Bahia XXXI  (EE Aa CRcr)


















Sire: Dulzon IX

Dam: Corilha


2007 15.1 buckskin mare (imported from Spain)


2011         Aztec Fantasia        buckskin filly                by Metano III

2012        Aztec Lucero           bay colt                        by Currante VI

2015        Aztec Tigre de Oro  buckskin colt                by Currante VI

2017 Aztec Medianoche smokey black colt      by Currante VI

2020        Aztec Vainilla           perlino filly                   by Currante VI

2022 Aztec Oscura smokey black filly       by Currante VI


We were very excited about the addition of Bahia XXXI to the stud back in Nov 2008. She is a rare buckskin by the lovely baroque buckskin stallion, Dulzon IX and out of the black, mainly YM bred mare, Corilha


Dulzon IX was bred by the legendary Hnos Marti Verdi studfarm, and owned by one of the most prestigious PRE studfarms in Spain,  Yeguada Can Maynou (owners of Nero II, 3 times Campeon de la Raza of Spain & winners of Best Exhibitor at SICAB 2010). Dulzon?s sire is Carmelo II (Cartujano, Bohorquez, Militar) and his dam is Galera IV (Cardenas, Cartujano)


She has a delightful temperament coupled with a most incredible movement.


We have always been very interested in colour genetics so we?re looking forward to breeding with the cream gene. There are only a handful of PREs in the UK with the cream gene, and even less non-greying ones like Bahia so she is quite a rarity.


Buckskin is often incorrectly called dun. But it is actually a bay horse that carries one copy of the cream gene that dilutes the bay coat and makes a buckskin.


 Dulzon IX (below)                                                                                                                    Corilha (below)

























Mariquita CR  (EE Aa)





Sire: Churumbel II

Dam: Mill Orgullosa


2000 15.1 dark bay PRE mare EE Aa


2007   Aztec Fiador              bay colt                                   by Lengueto V

2008   Aztec Mariposa          bay filly                                  by Mill Gravitar

2009   Aztec Diosa               dark brown filly                       by Donado

2010    Aztec Gacela             dark brown filly                       by Donado

2012    Aztec Ultimo             bay colt                                   by Currante VI

2014    Aztec Ebano              seal brown colt                         by Currante VI

2015    Aztec Eleodoro          buckskin colt                            by Currante VI         

2016    Aztec Incendio          smokey black colt                      by Currante VI

2018    Aztec Azabache       smokey black colt        by Currante VI

2019 Aztec Elegancia bay filly by Currante VI

2021 Aztec Luchadora bay filly by Currante VI



Mariquita CR is our foundation mare. Both her parents have been very successful competition horses, which is unusual as very few PRE mares compete in ridden classes. Her dam Orgullosa (see photos below) is out of Supreme National Champion Revelacion and by Euclides, a most versatile stallion with many wins including side saddle, working hunter, showjumping & dressage.







Mariquita is by the jet black high school trained stallion, Churumbel II (see Espiritu's page for photo)


Churumbel II is by the famous Hosco of the renowned Terry Stud. His grandsire is the equally famous Descarado II. Hosca, the dam of Hosco, is by Bilbaino III, one of the most important stallions in the history of the breed.

Churumbel II is also a descendant of another excellent bloodline, D Fernando y D Miguel Baones.


He was 3 times ridden champion in the UK with numerous dressage wins here and abroad. He is a champion classical performance horse and has undertaken film, TV & display work.  He was the winner of the 1997 Ultimado II Progeny Award.


Aztec Fantasia (EE Aa CRcr)





Sire: Metano III

Dam: Bahia XXXI


2011 15.2 homebred buckskin mare who was graded APTO on 28.05.15.


She is by the movement champion stallion Metano III.

2018 Aztec Despacito bay colt by Currante VI

2020        Aztec Hollinosa        buckskin filly   by Currante VI

2022 Aztec Valiente buckskin colt by Currante VI


Aztecs Pintada


Sire: Espiritu

Dam: Alder Pavlova

2012 bay leopard mare who has come back to us in 2020 as a broodmare for our Spanish Spotted Saddle Horse breeding programme, after being in the same home since leaving us a weanling. Pinta was professionally started by Esperanza Dressage and has done some jumping as well as dressage competitions.

A full sister to Aztec Shoshana, we are very excited to see what she will produce for us.

Veguilla (EE AA Gg Prl)




Sire: Lastur

Dam: Mundaca


2005 16h grey (bay, pearl carrier) PRE mare EE AA Gg Prl (imported from Spain)


2010    Aztec Quiza              grey (bay pearl) filly                          by MetanoIII

2011    Aztec Perla De Oro    cream pearl filly                                 by Metano III





Bred by the prestigious stud of Senorio de la Bariain, Veguilla is one of only a handful of PREs in the UK tested positive for the extremely rare pearl gene.


She is a granddaughter of the famous Grand Prix stallion Gaucho III, exported to the USA and shortlisted for the Sydney dressage Olympic Team. He is well known for his big movement and was very successful in-hand in his native Spain. He won best movement at SICAB as a four year old and has many points in the ANCCE Book of Merits. He is half brother to the equally famous top dressage stallion Invasor II. Gaucho was then presented and graded Calificado at the grand old age of 17.



Alder Pavlova






















Sire: ENR's Dutch Treat

Dam: Paisano Pebbles


1989 - 2013

14.3 fewspot leopard Appaloosa mare (BApS reg)



2000   Aztecs Nevada                      blanket spot filly       by Espiritu

2001    Aztecs Leopardo                   blanket spot colt       by Espiritu

2002   Aztecs Colorada                    leopard spot filly       by Espiritu

2003   Aztecs Zaffira                     near leopard filly       by Espiritu

2004   Aztecs Shoshana                   near leopard filly       by Espiritu

2005   Aztecs Acuarela                   lacey blanket filly      by Espiritu

2006   Aztecs Campanilla                 lacey blanket filly      by Espiritu

2007   Aztecs Adriana                     lacey blanket filly      by Espiritu

2008   Aztecs Mantilla                     lacey blanket filly     by Espiritu

2009   Aztecs Rocio                         lacey blanket colt      by Espiritu

2011    Aztecs Pascua Dominga           lacey blanket filly     by Espiritu

2012   Aztecs Pintada                       near leopard filly      by Espiritu

2013   Aztecs Pecosa                        near leopard filly      by Espiritu


Pavlova's sire was imported from the renowned Eagle's Nest Ranch in the USA. She is registered with The British Appaloosa Society and her foals are eligible for registration with BApS and also BAPSH. A genuine few spot mare (no grey), Pavvy has been our most prolific broodmare to date and we are so pleased to have one of her daughters back with us on breeding loan, Aztecs Shoshana.


See the Andaloosa page for details of her stunning offspring from Espiritu. This photo was taken in 2011 aged 22 years.



Alder Bandit's Belle (ee Aa)






Sire: Alder Bandit

Dam: Jolie's Blond Baby


1998 15.2 chestnut American Quarter Horse mare ee Aa (AQHA UK reg)


2002   Aztec Delfin Montana            black filly                  by Espiritu

2007   Aztec Bandido                       bay colt                      by Espiritu

2008   Aztec Bandolero                    black colt                   by Espiritu

2009   Aztec Sonador                      bay colt                      by Espiritu

2010    Aztec Sierra                        bay filly                     by Espiritu

2012    Aztec Dakota                       bay filly                      by Espiritu

2013    Aztec Vespertino                  bay colt                      by Espiritu


Her sire is by the well known stallion Zero Skipkeo and her dam was an imported palomino reining mare, Jolie's Blond Baby.



Aztec Delfin Montana  (Ee aa)

(Deceased 2018)





Sire: Espiritu

Dam: Alder Bandit's Belle


2002 15.1 black Azteca mare Ee aa (BAPSH reg)


A stunning dark chocolate (but geneticaly black) daughter of Alder Bandit's Belle and Espiritu. Montana has been retained as a future riding and breeding mare.


2014     Aztec Aventurero         black colt                  by Currante VI

2016     Aztec Jovana                buckskin filly             by Currante VI

2018     Aztec Miriea   smokey black filly     by Currante VI

Mill Natillas

Sire: Mejicano XXIX

Dam: Mill Bailaora

Bay PRE mare with nd1/nd1

2013 Aztec Emperador smokey black colt by Currante VI

2014 Aztec Imperioso buckskin colt by Currante VI

2015 Aztec Recorte smokey black colt by Currante VI

2018 Aztec Caramelo buckskin colt by Currante VI

2019 Aztec Raya buckskin filly by Currante VI


Aztec Quimerica  (Ee aa Dd Gg)

(Deceased 2018)





















Sire: Mejicano XXIX (grullo PRE)

Dam: Estrella (PRE x Andalusian)


2006  15.1 greying grullo (black dun) mare 75% PRE 25% Andalusian


She has been bred to be retained as a future broodmare.




Aelis  (Ee AA CRcr Zz)






















2008 15.3 silver buckskin PRE x Comtois (born in Spain & imported) 


2011           Aztec Cremoso                  buckskin colt          by Espiritu     

2012          Aztec Silverio                   bay silver colt      by Espiritu

2013          Aztec Amistosa                  bay filly             by Espiritu

2015          Aztec Amazona                  bay filly              by Espiritu

2021          Aztec Trufa de Luna          silver buckskin filly       by Currante VI


Aelis is an ultra rare silver buckskin, meaning she carries both the cream dilution and also the very rare silver dilution.


The cream gene has diluted what would have been a bay body colour and the silver gene has diluted it yet further, along with her mane and tail and lower legs.


She had to be DNA tested by UC Davis in the USA in order to establish her colour genetics, as she could easily be mistaken for a champagne or a cremello/perlino.


The silver gene is probably the most exotic and unique colour gene in the equine world and is much sought after.




Aztecs Shoshana




Sire: Espiritu

Dam: Alder Pavlova



2004 15.3 dark bay near leopard Andaloosa mare (BApS reg)


2011    Aztec Principe Dante           black colt                   by Donado

2014   Aztec Festivo                      smokey black colt        by Currante VI

2015   Aztec Unico                        black leopard colt        by Currante VI

2016  Aztec Rociando       smokey black with Lp colt  by Currante VI

2017  Aztec Serendipia                 buckskin leopard filly          by Currante VI

2018  Aztec Leonado       buckskin colt  by Currante VI

2019  Aztec Curioso                       bay colt                              by Currante VI

2020  Aztec Mosaico                      bay blanket colt                 by Currante VI

2021  Aztec Danzarina                   black/smokey bk filly          by Currante VI

2022  Aztec Ambar        buckskin filly  by Currante VI


Shoshana is our stunning homebred mare who has come back to live with us.  She has also bred two loudly marked leopard foals for her previous owner, both by an imported leopard Appaloosa stallion.



Kernow Glass Star (Gold champagne American Quarter Horse)

 (deceased 2021)

Sire: Ober Star Diamond (gold champagne)

Dam: Glass Eyed Dun It (amber champagne)


2015      Aztec Indiana        black filly  by Espiritu

2021      Aztec Chantico     buckskin colt   by Currante VI






We were very pleased with our addition to our Azteca breeding programme back in August 2010.


Kernow Glass Star is a rare gold champagne 2008 Quarter Horse filly (chestnut + champagne gene)


Carat as she is known, is a typical laid back QH with our favourite old bloodlines of Poco Bueno and Hollywood Gold.

On her dams side she has Docs Prescription, Doc Bar, Dry Doc & Hollywood Jac 86. On her sires side is the legendary Three Bars and world champion Peppy San.

I think I am going to have a job to prise this filly from my western-riding husband so I can breed with her!

She has been dna tested as a single champagne so statistically will pass this on 50% of the time. As neither of our boys carry the red gene, her offspring will be the even rarer amber or classic champagne colour.


After being professionally started by Arran Parker (owner of Aztec Quiza & Aztec Emperador), she produced her first foal in 2015.





Sire: Coppice Smarti Drops

Dam: Lambrigg Money Penny


2016 Aztec Ozomatli bay leopard colt by Currante VI

2017 Aztec Quetzlcoatl bay leopard colt by Currante VI

2019 Aztec Soleada buckskin leopard filly by Currante VI

2020       Aztec Aislado                   buckskin leopard colt       by Currante VI

2021       Aztec Salpicado bay leopard colt by Currante VI

2022       Aztec Galaxia buckskin leopard filly by Currante VI

Topspotted Tadie joined us in 2015, to further our Andaloosa breeding programme. She is a 5 year old 15.2 fewspot Grade B Appaloosa mare, who has been tested homozygous for PATN-1. This means all her offspring from solid coloured stallions will be leopards. She has also been tested negative for PSSM1 and the grey gene, which is very important with Appaloosa breeding.

Her last foal has been sold abroad and we were absolutely delighted with her first foal by Currante in 2016. She traces back to ENRs Dutch Treat (4th generation back), who was the sire of our beloved Alder Pavlova.


Thanks to Marty at Scotia Stud for the photo.


Sire: Metano III

Dam: Veguilla


Perla was the first cream pearl PRE to be born in the UK. We sold her as a youngster but then bought her back (in foal) in 2018.

Unfortunately she sustained an injury after we sold her and this meant she failed her grading. So her offspring, although pure Spanish, cannot be registered with ANCCE in Spain.

2019     Aztec Regalo De Oro       cream pearl colt     by Cortijero




Sire: Dawn Johnny

Dam: Au Revoir Sailor


15.3 Grey TB mare whose offspring have excelled at jumping as well as dressage.


1997    Aztec Briosa              grey filly                    by Bailaor II

1999    Aztec Siempre Mia   grey filly                    by Churumbel II

2003   Aztec Esperanza       grey filly                    by Espiritu

2004   Aztec Serena            dk bay filly                by Espiritu

2006   Aztec Quinta             grey filly                    by Espiritu





Sire: Andalusian

Dam: Swedish Trotter


15.1 bay imported mare with the most extravagant movement.



2004   Aztec Diamante        bay filly                      by Espiritu

2006   Aztec Brinco              bay colt                      by Espiritu




TEALIGH (deceased)


Sire: Encanto

Dam: Paloma


15.1 liver chestnut Andalusian mare bred by Gerard Naprous


Tealigh lived out her retirement years living with a friend?s herd the other end of the village. Her claim to fame was that her sire Encanto, played one of the unicorns in the Tom Cruise fantasy film ?Legend?.


2004   Aztec Sombria          black filly                   by Espiritu

2005   Aztec Tormenta        bay filly                      by Espiritu

2006   Aztec Tesoro             bay colt                      by Espiritu

2007   Aztec Legado            black colt                   by Espiritu







Sire: Balconero II

Dam: Tealigh


15.2 grey PRE x Andalusian


Estrella produced two excellent fillies for us, before we sadly lost her after colic surgery in Dec 2008.


2006   Aztec Quimerica       grey (black) filly                    by Mejicano XXIX

2008   Aztec Izzara                         grey filly                    by Espiritu







                                             "God forbid that I should go to any heaven where there are no horses" (RB Cunningham)


                                                           (Que dios no permita que vaya a un cielo donde no existan caballos)