Aztec Stud

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                                        About Us







We are a small stud based in South Leicestershire breeding pure and partbred Andalusian (PRE) horses.


We have been breeding these magnificent horses since the early 1990s and once you have owned and ridden a Spanish horse nothing else comes close.


The majority of our partbreds have been sired by our homebred stallion, Espiritu. He is a PRE x Andalusian/TB, making him 75% Spanish. Please see his own page for details of this wonderful boy.  Espiritu is now almost 23 years old and the real patriarch of our stud.


The PRE stallion Currante VI is our main breeding stallion (much to his delight!). Please see Currante's page for more details.


Both boys run with their mares and foals all year round, making them very happy and contented stallions. Being brought up in a herd environment has a positive impact on our foals with weaning being a gradual and natural process with no stress caused to mare or foal.


Allowing the mare and stallion to run together as nature intended has meant Espiritu & Currante have had 100% fertility to date and all mares (including visiting) have taken on their first season. 


Currante is the most incredibly gentle stallion with his foals and we have some lovely photos of him with his sons.  Espiritu has an exceptional temperament and it is a joy to watch him with his herd, especially when the foals decide to hang on to Dad’s tail in play!


To produce the partbreds we chose the Quarter Horse and the Appaloosa, so therefore taking both of these American breeds back to their original Spanish roots. The resulting offspring from these mares have gone on to be extremely successful competition/show horses, beating many a purebred. In 2010 we also imported a PRE x Comtois to produce a quality but substantial horse.


We believe that the mares are as important, if not more so, than the stallion. After all, it is she who produces, raises and teaches her offspring.


We currently have five carefully selected purebred (PRE) mares chosen for their temperament and type along with their proven bloodlines and movement.


Our horses are our passion and we are particularly interested in the dilute coat colours.


Although we breed some rare and interesting colours, we do not compromise on quality, keeping the excellent and proven old PRE bloodlines and type.


We are a small hobby stud and aim to breed quality and not quantity, with a maximum of six foals per year as our ten mares are not bred from year after year.

Our horses are kept purely for pleasure (although it may not always feel like that in the depths of winter when it's dark and freezing at 5am!) Because it is a hobby rather than a business, our retired broodmares stay with us until the end of their is the very least they deserve.


A limited number of mares are accepted each year and must be unshod and swabbed. The horses are supervised during the day and we have safe fencing and clean, weed free paddocks.


All our stock are micro-chipped and registered with The British Association for the Purebred Spanish Horse (BAPSH) and the PRE stock are also registered with ANCCE in Spain.